Saturday, 28 January 2012


Its a sure sign that I have had a busy week as I haven't even thought about posting anything for over a week!
The last seven days have seen me rushing around getting ready for a quilt show as well as have an editors meeting AND the magazine's annual 'do' last night. I've driven quite a few miles the last few days and its not over yet as there is the quilt show to help pack up at tomorrow.

Having suggested a compromise in recalculating my child maintenance with the ex husband several weeks ago, as usual I haven't heard a thing from him. I suspect I will get my answer when its next paid on 1 Feb. Do they EVER stop being bitter and awkward and difficult?
I just keep thinking to the future like a certain son's wedding should he choose to get married, and how we can both stand there on his big day when we have no communication at all.

The work do was fun last  night. I had been quite nervous about going as I haven't been to an office do for nearly 20 years. I'm also still adjusting to going to social events on my own as a single person. It is social occasions like that when I sometimes wish I did have a special someone and when I don't 'meet' any potential mates I start to wonder if I will ever meet anyone again. Whilst beauty is skin deep, I think some kind of weight loss and exercise program might be in order!
I just need to find a bit of spare time..............

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