Thursday, 29 March 2012

Weeding Time!

This unseasonably warm, some might say hot, weather we have been having this week has meant I have had time to get out into the garden a few times.
Today I have been weeding. As I've said before, I am loathe to do too much digging around as I'm not sure what a lot of the things growing in the garden are, but there are definitely a lot of weeds in the flower beds now so I spent a lovely hour or so tidying up one bit in the early evening sunshine. I had a constant companion the whole time I was working and he was right by my side bless him, though of course he disappeared to find some better sun when I came to take a photo!

Think I can fit in a bit more piecing this evening. Yesterday I joined the last blocks on to the rest of the row so tonight I'm cutting out the pieces for C7 :o)

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

I told you so!

See! I told you I did some sewing the other evening! This is block C6 for my SBS quilt.
When I pick the fabrics for the next block, I lay out all the other blocks so that hopefully I am getting a balance of colours throughout the quilt. Seeing as I hadn't done any piecing for a while, I also hadn't looked at all my blocks for a while either..............for a moment I thought I didn't like any of the colours!!!!!!
This was my problem with my Dear Jane quilt that I started. I had nearly finished the first row when I decided I hated the randomness of the colours and decided I wanted to make it in a more limited palette. Don't worry that has been put definitely to one side while I make this SBS quilt!

So onwards and upwards to the next block :o)

Sunday, 25 March 2012

No Posts Equals.........

In my case it equals not a lot going on. Hardly any sewing has been done and I don't seem to have much to moan about either!!
So I guess that means I am quite content with my life at the moment. And I think that I am.
I love my little house and we are now starting to make it our own more. The garden is looking wonderful with daffodils all over the place and little gems keep popping up like a couple of hyacinths and I think some bluebells.

As for sewing, I did actually do some last night and nearly finished piecing the next block in my SBS quilt.
I have a quilter's block with my Kaleidoscope quilt, I think because it needs irregular quilting. Each stage is going to need a different quilting style and at the moment I can't decide what is best for the section I am working on.
I made a nice sample quilt a week or so ago to display some of the fabrics from the Imperial Collection 7 from Robert Kaufman and it does look really smart and stylish...................but then I sold out of one of the fabrics at the Chilford quilt show........
I think I can substitute another similar fabric which will be great as I think the quilt design is a winner! I only have an image of it on my phone at the moment so will try and post a picture of it next time I post.