Monday, 7 May 2012

Little bits, they all add up

I've made a discovery this bank holiday weekend; that you can kid yourself you have accomplished a lot by spending a shorter length of time on more activities.

Yesterday I felt like I had got a lot done.
I cut the grass.
I did some weeding.
I did some sewing.
Hell I even did some ironing before I went to bed!
And even though I maybe only got to spend less than an hour on each activity, when I looked back on my day I felt that I had achieved a lot.
I could have spent most of the day sewing, or spent longer working in the garden but then one of the other things that I wanted to do that day would have remained undone and would have been nagging at me.

So I think this will be my new philosophy.

Two days ago I started work on designing a new quilt using a layer cake. I've never used a layer cake before. In fact I've only used a pre-cut once when I summoned up the courage to open a Bali Pop to make a Jelly Roll Race quilt, and believe me the hardest part is opening them. Its not that the packaging is difficult to open, its just that........they look so perfect all wrapped up like that!
I really enjoyed doing some design work for a change. Its not a complicated design as it is going to be featured in British Patchwork & Quilting. Judi and I have been challenged to make a quilt using a layer cake which is going to be the subs gift for the magazine.
The layer cake we have been given is Hello Luscious from Moda.

So this was something new for me to tackle first..........working with Moda fabrics which aren't my usual thing.
However it is also quite hard designing something knowing that you have a finite amount of fabric.
Once I came up with a design I made a test block to ensure it worked.....well I couldn't afford to waste any of the fabrics in the layer cake!
I can't show a picture of the block just yet because of it going in the magazine but here's a sneak peak

The plan is to have our quilts on display at the Festival of Quilts in August with one of them appearing as a project in the Sept issue which will be out in time for the show. Seeing as that is only just over three months away, I have been busy piecing this weekend!

So it has been a good weekend