Saturday, 18 January 2014

Yea Gads!

I have become a really crap blogger!
I haven't blogged since August?!
In my defence I have been blogging, just not on this blog. There's the blog for my business, the occasional post on the magazine's blog and then the parallel blog I started to chart the journey of TK and me as we took on an allotment.
I think it might be best to merge the allotment with this then at least I might say something every now and then!
So new year and all that, let's have a bit of veg growing as well as quilting on this blog.
First off, here's what the plot looked like when we took it over in May last year.
A tinsy bit overgrown!

The plot extends as far as the metal frame at the far end. Its quite a big plot. I love working on the allotment; it gives me the chance to get a bit of fresh air, a bit of a workout as well as a bit of time to think.
And here's what it looked like at the end of December
It actually looks like an allotment again!
We had a small harvest last year and are just gearing up for a new season.
In the meantime TK and I did a little bit of sewing today when we visited a quilt group. Block D1 of our Sylvia's Bridal Sampler quilt.
So this could work right? A bit of quilting with a bit of vegetable growing?