Sunday, 23 February 2014

March Block - LBQB

I blogged out Lou's choice for her block the other week. I had a bit of spare time this afternoon and decided to make a test block.
A tutorial for making the block can be seen here.
It's a strange block in that on the one hand it looks really easy to make, but on the other if you are used to traditional patchwork, it's quite hard to be random! I found if I wasn't careful, my random points were looking quite uniform!
The units look a bit strange as you are piecing them
But obviously a bit neater once they have been trimmed
So this is my test block completed
It was made using Kona Cotton Black and a scrap of the Rainbow colourway I had left from the Essential Gradations collection. I wanted to see how it would work using just a fabric like this and I think it works pretty well.

Now to decide what colour fabrics I think Lou might like! Judging by her choice, I think I might try and find a fabric in my stash that I can fussy cut for the centre square........

Saturday, 22 February 2014

A bit of progress..........on the allotment

I haven't done a huge amount of sewing this week, been a bit side-tracked in the evenings watching the Olympics on my laptop and stuff like that. I did start work on a new project for the magazine with some fabrics that EQS have given me and did a little bit more quilting on my Kaleidoscope quilt.

So today's post is about the allotment as it has finally stopped raining!
The over-wintering onions are doing well
We moved the redcurrant bush down to the perennial bed today so it is with the blackcurrant bush. We'll need to put some kind of cage over these though as the birds pinched all the berries last year.
So the perennial bed is ready and the rhubarb is growing nicely

Last weekend was Potato Weekend at the shed shop and we picked up our seed potatoes for this year together with some onion and shallot sets.
First up are Rocket, the first earlies
Second earlies, Kestrel
Two main crops, Picasso which we grew successfully last year, and Desiree

And finally Sturon onions and Golden Gourmet shallots, the latter are supposed to be good for pickling!

Let the chitting begin!


Tuesday, 11 February 2014

LBQB - We have a go situation!

So our first Queen Bee is Lou.......kind of had to be seeing as she roused this rabble of twelve quilters together! Her month is March and she has chosen the Wonky Star as her block

This looks like a really interesting, and on the face of it, easy block to make. At the moment I'm trying to think about how I can make it a bit more interesting with my fabric choice!

My month is May so I have a couple of months to decide what block I want. I had originally thought of the Ohio Star block that has always been a favourite

It also has lots of design possibilities by changing the arrangement of fabrics and also by changing the centre square to a square on point. I'll explore these a bit more when I do my post for my month.
In the meantime......its back to the Wonky Star!


Friday, 7 February 2014

The Little Blog Quilting Bee

So! It looks like I have signed up for my first quilting bee! All the hard work is being one by Lou at
The blog is for UK quilters who have never done a quilting bee before and who have blogs with less than 50 followers........which is me!

We have a lovely logo

which we need to make into a blog button too (hint hint). We are all hoping to share our tale via our little blogs, instagram and twitter.
We are each going to chose a block each month for the twelve of us to make.

So who are my fellow partners in crime? Well there's me and Lou for starters. Then we have (in no particular order):

and finally

Looks like we have an exciting year ahead!