Tuesday, 11 February 2014

LBQB - We have a go situation!

So our first Queen Bee is Lou.......kind of had to be seeing as she roused this rabble of twelve quilters together! Her month is March and she has chosen the Wonky Star as her block

This looks like a really interesting, and on the face of it, easy block to make. At the moment I'm trying to think about how I can make it a bit more interesting with my fabric choice!

My month is May so I have a couple of months to decide what block I want. I had originally thought of the Ohio Star block that has always been a favourite

It also has lots of design possibilities by changing the arrangement of fabrics and also by changing the centre square to a square on point. I'll explore these a bit more when I do my post for my month.
In the meantime......its back to the Wonky Star!



  1. I like your Ohio star idea too! I've never made either of these stars, so this will be great fun!

  2. Great plan. I've a few ideas for mine but as I'm December I'll have changed my mind hundreds of times by then xx

  3. I love stars and haven't made many so I'm looking forward to making these!