Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Where have you been?

Months have gone by again without me managing to write a post. I'm actually getting quite good at not writing them now!
I seem to be consumed by work these days and all work and no play has made me a dull girl. The editing work, ie the work that pays the bills, has been so manic the last few months as we have had to fit putting together an annual special magazine on top of the regular monthly issues.
And then there is my quilting and a lot of my recent quilting is so tied up with my fabric business (the work that doesn't pay the bills), that I don't like to post pictures of them here first.
But hey ho
I have been quite productive over the last few months and have finished quite a few of the quilts I've made from Hoffman pre-cuts; I really love working with them now!
Here's a few pics of them........
This was made from a Cherry Bali Pop

A Tiramisu Bali Pop and Snap

This quick quilt was made using a Tonga Treat Mini pack from Timeless Treasures

And this final quilt was my first attempt at free motion quilting, which was a little silly as its straight lines and would have been better quilted with my walking foot!
So a lot of quilting has been going on but very little quilting for me.......