Sunday, 31 January 2016

Taupes and Me...

I'm not quite sure why but I seem to have a fixation with making long term quilts or quiltalongs in taupes.

I don't have many taupe fabrics in my stash nor do I sell them in my quilt shop. And yet something draws me to them when a big project is on the horizon. Maybe it's because I love Japanese taupe quilts when I see them at quilt shows and kid myself into thinking my quilt will look just as wonderful?

I've signed up for two quiltalongs this year. Not quite sure why as I don't have much free sewing time. And of course I'm contemplating making them in taupes!

The first project is the block a day quilt by Gourmet Quilter. I treated myself to this pattern. I also looked upon it as future class potential. The original is made in batiks 

And yes it's made up of 365 different blocks which are released weekly during 2016. 
For my quilt I imagined a cute Japanese taupe version reminiscent of all those perfectly made in minute detail quilts I've seen. These are my backgrounds.

knew I would struggle to keep up but thought I would do a bit better then this....

I've got frustrated with it as my fusible web is playing up. But hey it's not a race is it?!

I've also signed up for the free Splendid Sampler which starts in a couple of weeks and is 2 blocks a week, 100 in total.
I know, I thought, I'll do it in taupes! This is my fabric pull. We need approx. 30 to 35 fat quarters

While searching for these fabrics, I found my Tula Pink City Sampler blocks which seem to be made using the same fabric pull

To be honest I had no idea I'd done that many blocks! I've since abandoned these colours for my City Sampler for a bright solids and stripe version. And also looking at these blocks, I think I'll want to do something brighter for my Splendid Sampler too.

The taupe quilt I've made the most progress with is the Chinese Heirloom quilt designed by Lynne Edwards which I featured in P&Q a couple of years ago. I really need to get on with this one 

I've even started a Dear Jane quilt in taupes, kind of

And then I found this appliqué block which is an Esther Aliu BOM

Do I need help with this addiction?!


Friday, 1 January 2016

2015 - My Year in Quilts

really must do blog posts whenever I finish a quilt. I just had to look back through my photos to see how many (if any) quilts I finished last year. 

I'm actually quite surprised to count four! Well almost four! 

A lot of my quilting life is blurred between quilting for myself and quilts I've made for my business and I'm slightly ashamed to say all of the quilts I finished were display quilts. 

First finish was this small wall hanging which I've called 'Glow'. 

It's made from a couple of batik charm packs and was made to sell the rest of these that I had in stock. Needless to say I had a feline helper as soon as I laid the quilt out!

Next up was my big finish of the year and it's a quilt I'm really proud of as I designed it to use a couple of precut packs and it's not always easy designing something with a finite amount of fabric. And here it is the Precut Medallion. 

My last two finishes are linked and will be new pattern I'll be selling using ombré fabrics. I finished the Ombré Chevron quilt first 

And then Ombré Geese. 

Ombré Geese was pieced first as Ombré Chevron is made from the leftovers!

I just wish I could be more productive with my quilting. Have a feeling I say this every year!