Sunday, 5 July 2015

A Baby Quilt for a Baby Bee

About halfway through our Little Blogs Quilt Bee (LBQB) our queen bee, Lou, who brought us all together announced that she was having a baby. This was all very exciting as it meant we could launch a bit of secret sewing!

A look through Lou's Instagram feed found that her favourite colours were pink, teal and grey which worked for not knowing whether she was having a boy or girl. A few secret discussions later and we agreed on a star type block 54-40 or Flight

We each made a block before I joined them together and sent it off to Gina to work her quilting magic. 

We were so pleased with the result, but nearly got caught out as her little bundle of joy arrived five weeks early!

Congratulations Lou! It was a fun project to make and a fitting end to the bee