Sunday, 14 April 2013

Practice practice practice!

Practice makes perfect, or so they say.
I decided it was time I practised my machine quilting skills or lack of them, on an actual proper quilt; rather than rambling around on a piece of calico. So I dug out a really simple quilt. It was a quilt top I put together when I had a quilt shop, which was (wow) three years ago this summer! The quilt was intended to be a display sample for a beginner's  quilt kit. I think when it's finished I'll still do that with it as the quilt shows some good and not so good quilting, ideal for not putting people off trying!

The quilt top was just a basic Trip Around the World pattern in rainbow colours and I thought I would quilt it in a simple spiral pattern. Despite this being straight lines, I still used my free motion foot. It would have been easier to use my walking foot and I did in fact when I quilted the border, but saying that, I think my control over my quilting when using the free motion foot has improved quite a bit.

I'm quite pleased with how it has turned out. Just need to sew the last few ends in and add the binding and it's done!

Otherwise I've been playing with another Bali Pop and made a nice nine patch quilt which I've added to my pile of quilts that need quilting................