Monday, 1 June 2015

The UK Low Volume Plus Swap!

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen my callout for interest in doing a block swap.

It seems there is a bit of interest so let's do it!
The original #lowvolumeplusswap was run by Lindsay Conner in the States. It was open to US citizens only and she is currently sorting the blocks for all the recipients. She has quite a few to sort!
The block is quite simple and quick to make. You can find a tutorial on Lindsay's website here. Please ignore other information on Lindsay's page such as the sign up link and the number of blocks to make. All the information you need for the UK swap is here.
The Plus block
The block is 11 3/4" square unfinished and uses charm squares for the corners, although this isn't a necessity. The background should be made of scrappy low volume prints, although a few white, cream or grey solids are fine. Make sure that the background and the plus fabrics have a different value when you lay them out.
The plus should be ONE bright, single-colour print. You can use colours of the rainbow, including dark neutrals like blacks, dark greys and browns for each block. Make your blocks all different colours or all the same; the choice is yours!
All fabrics should be quilt-shop quality fabrics  e.g. Robert Kaufman, Moda, FreeSpirit, AGF, Benartex. The main thing in a swap is to remember to give as you would receive!
I'm going to suggest we each make a maximum of 12 blocks to start with. Lindsay has over a 1000 blocks to share out which seems a bit of a logistical nightmare to me! She has suggested on her page how many blocks you need to make various size quilts and has also posted some finished quilts as inspiration.
How the swap works
1. However many blocks you make and send to me is the number of blocks you will receive in exchange.
2. Blocks must come from a smoke-free home.
3. I will email you my address once you have signed up. Signing up to the swap is not a commitment to providing the number of blocks you have indicated. It just gives me an idea of who is taking part and the number of blocks I'm likely to need to sort.
4. When you have made your blocks, send them to me. Remember to enclose a stamped addressed envelope with your blocks so that I can send you your swap blocks in return.
5. When sending your blocks, please include a note with your name, address and email address so I know who they have come from AND the number of blocks you have sent.
6. I'll share blocks at random after the closing date.
7. The swap is restricted to quilters with UK addresses only.
8. The closing date for sending your blocks is 31 August 2015. This means you can make one block a week which makes it a bit less daunting.
Here's a BIG tip!
Use the same size envelope and same postage you use to send your blocks to me for your return parcel as guess what.....I'll need to use the same size envelope and postage to send you your swap blocks! If you don't put enough stamps on or a large enough envelope, it will be you that has to pay the excess postage charge or have blocks squeezed into a small envelope!
Ok, nagging bit over......
Still interested?
Don't forget to hashtag your blocks #UKlowvolumeplusswap on Instagram and share the swap with your friends. The more people involved......the more variety of blocks to swap!
Let's have some fun!