Friday, 1 January 2016

2015 - My Year in Quilts

really must do blog posts whenever I finish a quilt. I just had to look back through my photos to see how many (if any) quilts I finished last year. 

I'm actually quite surprised to count four! Well almost four! 

A lot of my quilting life is blurred between quilting for myself and quilts I've made for my business and I'm slightly ashamed to say all of the quilts I finished were display quilts. 

First finish was this small wall hanging which I've called 'Glow'. 

It's made from a couple of batik charm packs and was made to sell the rest of these that I had in stock. Needless to say I had a feline helper as soon as I laid the quilt out!

Next up was my big finish of the year and it's a quilt I'm really proud of as I designed it to use a couple of precut packs and it's not always easy designing something with a finite amount of fabric. And here it is the Precut Medallion. 

My last two finishes are linked and will be new pattern I'll be selling using ombré fabrics. I finished the Ombré Chevron quilt first 

And then Ombré Geese. 

Ombré Geese was pieced first as Ombré Chevron is made from the leftovers!

I just wish I could be more productive with my quilting. Have a feeling I say this every year! 

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