Sunday, 23 February 2014

March Block - LBQB

I blogged out Lou's choice for her block the other week. I had a bit of spare time this afternoon and decided to make a test block.
A tutorial for making the block can be seen here.
It's a strange block in that on the one hand it looks really easy to make, but on the other if you are used to traditional patchwork, it's quite hard to be random! I found if I wasn't careful, my random points were looking quite uniform!
The units look a bit strange as you are piecing them
But obviously a bit neater once they have been trimmed
So this is my test block completed
It was made using Kona Cotton Black and a scrap of the Rainbow colourway I had left from the Essential Gradations collection. I wanted to see how it would work using just a fabric like this and I think it works pretty well.

Now to decide what colour fabrics I think Lou might like! Judging by her choice, I think I might try and find a fabric in my stash that I can fussy cut for the centre square........


  1. This fabric is just lovely Joanna! Your wonky star is really sweet, can't wait to see what your actual star looks like!

  2. Love the star. I know what you mean about the points. I've practised aswell and they seem too uniform xx