Saturday, 1 March 2014

Full of the Joys of Spring!

Had a really productive day yesterday and it feels good when that happens. I may even need to do two different posts about it - that's how productive it was!
The beginning of March sees my birthday and yesterday was a lovely spring-like day. The daffs are just coming out at the front of the house
One of my birthday presents was a water butt for the allotment and as it was a nice day TK and I decided to go and set it up. Amazingly it did fit in the back of the Mini!

And yes he is inside the water butt as we tried to work out how to fit the tap!
Unfortunately, it went downhill from there.........
We didn't manage to fit the tap but at least its in situ
It will of course now stop raining, in which're welcome!
After TK had gone back home, I returned and turned over Bed 4 which was starting to sprout a few weeds. Trying to keep on top of them but its not easy. Bed 2 is quite grassy again and Bed 1 that I am in the middle of digging over is quite wet at the moment so need a few dry days before I can do some proper digging again.

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