Friday, 28 March 2014

What I've been up to - March

This month seems to have flown by and yet by birthday seems ages ago now! You will be glad to hear we managed to fit the tap to the water butt.........
So what have I been up to this month? With spring finally on its way I've finally managed to sow some seeds indoors. Some summer cabbages - Bourbon - germinated within a week
They are much bigger than this now and starting to get their next set of leaves. I'll need to re-pot them soon I think.
We also sowed some tomatoes and leeks which took a little longer to germinate but they are coming along nicely too now.
Added to these were sweet peas this week. So the conservatory is looking a bit like a greenhouse at the moment.
The potatoes are chitting nicely and we're hoping to get at least the earlies in this weekend as the weather is looking very mild
I've been busy digging over the potato bed in readiness for planting them out but there has been a frost this week.
Cooking-wise I made a delicious cream of leek soup this week after a fellow plot holder gave me a few leeks and we harvested the first of the rhubarb a couple of days ago (which the cat promptly sat on)
and we turned it into rhubarb and custard cake (without cat)
It took forever to cook because I made it in a loaf tin but it tastes pretty yummy!
My sewing has consisted mainly of making blocks for a layercakesampler quiltalong which is great fun

And I have also gone back to making my City Sampler blocks. I thought I would try something different and use a striped fabric in each block together with some Kona solids which my parents bought me for me birthday
And while its working quite well
These are blocks 1 to 6, I'm not 100% sure about it. Mainly I think because I thought I would arrange the blocks in a barn raising style........which means most of the blocks are green ones.....
So I've also added to the taupe ones I started.......
I'm making these blocks as a quiltalong with a couple of quilting friends as it does help to keep you going with them
So quite a lot done in March....and its not quite over yet!


  1. Love all your photos Joanna! It is still too cold here in Scotland to start germinating seeds, hopefully soon. That cake sounds delicious!!!

  2. I love the bright colours of your blocks - wow! A full size quilt in those colours would be amazing.

  3. Thanks Natalie. Having done a few more of the taupe ones I'm being drawn back to the bright ones again lol