Tuesday, 27 March 2012

I told you so!

See! I told you I did some sewing the other evening! This is block C6 for my SBS quilt.
When I pick the fabrics for the next block, I lay out all the other blocks so that hopefully I am getting a balance of colours throughout the quilt. Seeing as I hadn't done any piecing for a while, I also hadn't looked at all my blocks for a while either..............for a moment I thought I didn't like any of the colours!!!!!!
This was my problem with my Dear Jane quilt that I started. I had nearly finished the first row when I decided I hated the randomness of the colours and decided I wanted to make it in a more limited palette. Don't worry that has been put definitely to one side while I make this SBS quilt!

So onwards and upwards to the next block :o)

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