Thursday, 29 March 2012

Weeding Time!

This unseasonably warm, some might say hot, weather we have been having this week has meant I have had time to get out into the garden a few times.
Today I have been weeding. As I've said before, I am loathe to do too much digging around as I'm not sure what a lot of the things growing in the garden are, but there are definitely a lot of weeds in the flower beds now so I spent a lovely hour or so tidying up one bit in the early evening sunshine. I had a constant companion the whole time I was working and he was right by my side bless him, though of course he disappeared to find some better sun when I came to take a photo!

Think I can fit in a bit more piecing this evening. Yesterday I joined the last blocks on to the rest of the row so tonight I'm cutting out the pieces for C7 :o)

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