Sunday, 8 April 2012


I've sold items successfully on eBay through my business for several years now mainly on buy it now listings. This weekend I've seen the positive and negative sides to selling by auction listings.
On the positive side I sold two beds. The buyer contacted me about arranging payment and collection before I had the chance to send her a message, within 5 minutes of the listing ending! The beds were collected this morning. Cash was paid. All was good. This is how eBay is supposed to be.

On the negative side, I also sold an American style fridge freezer. It went for quite a good price. I emailed the buyer within a few minutes of them winning the item to arrange collection, but I'm still waiting for them to respond.........and I have a feeling they aren't going to. The buyer had only joined eBay the day before so they had no feedback. It isn't a good start. Something doesn't feel right.
Ordinarily this wouldn't really be a problem, but I needed the freezer to be collected by tomorrow and its now looking that this isn't going to happen. So I have to wait until 4 days have elapsed to open an unpaid item case and then wait a further 4 days before I can close the case.............and then I have to decide either to offer it to the next highest bidder or relist much for it being collected promptly.

So this is the flip side of eBay...........the time wasters. I've since found out you can stop certain types of buyers bidding on your items which I have now set up and if this person doesn't ever pay they will be going on my blocked bidders list too. I guess before I have only sold items to quilters......and guess what? they are almost always honest decent people.

Its a shame more people aren't like quilters!

But then you read about the recent copyright dispute between a fabric designer and a publisher and you wonder maybe its just the world we live in today...................

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