Monday, 2 January 2012

New Projects

I always feel like starting a new project in the week after Christmas. I have no idea why but the urge to do so is always strong at this time.
But I have been good this year and carried on with my SBS blocks.

Its not like I don't have any fabrics to start something new with, hell I have a whole cupboard full of various collections of fabrics just waiting for inspiration to strike.........
My new collection of fabrics is a selection of red and whites.

My mum started me off with them after we were both inspired by that wonderful display of red and white quilts in NYC last year; Infinite Variety. (if only it could come to the UK...........)
As you can see I have plenty of reds and quite a few white on white prints, but harder to come by are the medium tones of red on white so my collection is not quite complete yet and not ready for a quilt.
I have had some thoughts about design though and have in mind a pieced background with floral applique.

As part of a (kind of) new year's resolution about walking more and doing more geocaches, TK and I went out for a walk yesterday in Baldock to try and find the remaining clues for the geocache that takes you around the town. One of our co-ordinates is still way out for some reason but we luckily found where we were supposed to be so we managed to get  a little bit further with the clues. Unfortunately it started to rain before we could get the last couple of clues so we will have to try for a third time another day!

I want to try and go out every weekend but for some reason its really hard to get TK go out sometimes; he seems to be in teenager mode already even though he's only 10! Geocaching lets you find places on your doorstep you didn't know existed and its kind of cool knowing that hundreds of people (muggles) pass by the locations where caches are hidden not knowing that they are there.........

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