Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Back to Reality

So its back to reality as the new school term started today and back to the old routine of dealing with mail order first and then making a start on editing.............yep as the Feb issue goes to print I am working on the March issue and we are still in the first week of the new year!

Its funny how your kids constantly surprise you. Whether its a new-found confidence or he just feels safer, but all of a sudden my son has decided he's ok for me to leave him at home for a short time while I go to the post office or the local supermarket. Only a few months ago, he didn't like me leaving him in the car while I popped into the post office and even though he could see me from the car........
I think he realises that its only a matter of months now before he has to walk to and from secondary school on his own, so its something he needs to get used to. Jeez I'll have to give him his own key to the front door soon!
He also surprised me by tucking into dough balls dipped in garlic butter at Pizza Express the other day when he has avoided all contact with garlic bread up to now!

We have a sort of new year's resolution that we will try a new vegetable each month to try and widen our vegetable tastes. Neither of us is a big fan of veg but one of my Xmas gifts was Hugh Fearnley Whatsit's Veg book. I think we will see which veg is in season each month and see what we can rustle up.

Now that my working week is fully restored, my sewing will be restricted to evenings. Last night I was playing with a bias applique design for a quick quilt pattern that I have been working on using the new Patternista fabrics

You probably can't see much of the design from this picture I'm afraid. It needs a little bit of work still but its almost there. I may continue with TK's SBS block this evening though........

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