Sunday, 5 February 2012


The snow started falling about 6pm last night and this morning we woke up to quite a few inches, so much so that we couldn't open the back door to start with due to snow sliding off the conservatory roof and blocking it.
It looks like this is the next bit to fall!

I love the scene when snow if freshly fallen, everything is so smooth and seems really calm and peaceful............must be all that white?

I actually did some quilting the other evening! This blog was supposed to be about my quilts too but I guess its an indication of how much sewing I actually manage to fit in that I don't seem to blog about them much!
I had hit a slight wall with how I wanted to quilt the next tiny section of my kaleidoscope quilt, but I finally bit the bullet and broke through my quilter's block. I have a feeling this will happen quite often with this quilt! I'm pleased with how it is looking so far though

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