Saturday, 25 February 2012


After the snow we had a couple of weeks ago, it suddenly seems like spring has sprung! Very soon the daffodils will be bursting into flower. There are loads of them around the garden and they will look lovely in the front garden bathed in sunshine. Crocuses seem to be sprouting up in the strangest places; and not clumps of them...just one here and there!
I know there a lots of varieties of snowdrop, but this has to be one of the prettiest I have ever seen peeping through lupin leaves

It also looks as if there is either a cowslip or primrose flower starting to grow in the grass in the front garden judging by the leaves that I spotted yesterday.
This spring-like weather means we might take a trip to a garden centre this weekend to buy some garden tools as we don't have any. However I am loathe to do too much digging around as new things seem to be sprouting up around the garden all the time and I don't want to dig up something I might regret later!

As is usual I don't seem to have achieved much sewing-wise this week. I'm trying to get into a routine at weekends of getting housework out the way and then having some creative time. I cut some fabrics last week to make a couple of samples up. Thought I would try and make something from fabrics in a couple of collections that aren't selling as well as others in the same collection.

I started off making a quick pieced Attic Windows wall hanging with some fabrics from La Scala. The blocks went together beautifully but then I rushed adding a thin black sashing  without pinning them properly and of course my seams didn't match horribly! That's what comes from rushing to get something done before going to bed..........never pays off does it?
I was very good and unpicked the offending seams and it has now gone together much better. I just need to add a border before its finished and will post a pic then.

The other fabrics are a couple from the Imperial Collection 7 that are hanging around a little, mainly because I didn't use them in the sample I made using fabrics from this collection. Hopefully I can make a start on this quilt this weekend too.

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