Thursday, 29 December 2011


So it would seem I have forgotten how to shop!

I think it stems from having absolutely no money a year or so ago and so I only bought what I needed AND what I could afford. But I think I have also got out of the habit of shopping. I have been out twice the last couple of days looking for new clothes and only come back with a t shirt. Ok I did find a dress to wear to my works do in a month's time but that was out of necessity. I just find it hard to work my way through all the sales racks, find something that I like and hope it is in my size.

I think the problem is also being too indecisive, particularly with things for the house. We are fairly settled now, so it is time to start putting our mark on our new home. I want to make my home unique and maybe its the creative person in me but I want to find things that are individually made, not massed produced.

If only I could make a decision on something!


  1. Get a Pinterest page and set up a board for every room in the house. Pin everything you like and eventually you will know what you really like and which things you like don't fight each other. Then you are ready to put searches into ebay and just sit back and wait until the right thing turns up at the right price within 10 miles. Simples. It's working for me.

  2. Yes I thought about doing that the other day.......can't decide on the light fitting to have in the lounge