Saturday, 24 December 2011

Hello and Welcome

So I thought it was about time I put down in writing some of my thoughts and musings of my life as a quilter and as a single mum.

For my life as a quilter, I felt it was about time I made some kind of record of my quilt making process, my inspirations, a journal if you will.

As for my life as a single mum, well I guess this will just be an occasional moan about how difficult it can be at times dealing with everything on your own. Although of course being single also has the benefit of not having to defer to someone else all the time. I appreciate that in every relationship one of the partners has to have the final say in important decisions.............but why does it always have to be the guy? It is nice knowing I can decide what I want and when I want but on the other hand it can be incredibly lonely being on your own not having someone special to share the highs and lows of life with

And therein lies the rub of being single..............

Amazingly I have been quilting for 25 years now! I started making my first quilt when I was 18 after visiting a small quilt exhibition in London. That first quilt ended up being made for my ex husband........I got the quilt in the divorce!

Well I guess that's enough to say for now. Its Christmas Eve and its time I got the house ready for Santa's arrival


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