Monday, 26 December 2011

And Relax!

So that's the madness of Christmas Day done and dusted for another year, but saying that ours was actually quite calm and relaxed with just my parents over till late afternoon.
Christmas dinner went very well. We had a turkey crown for the first time seeing as there were only four of us and bizarrely you cooked it in a special bag which then kept all the juices in. Not too many leftovers so we will definitely be doing that again. Thank you Waitrose! And as usual the xmas pudding made by the ladies of St Ipps was as yummy as ever.

The afternoon was spent enjoying an animated film on BBC1while TK happily built his lego. It must have been a difficult one as he was working on it for hours!

Today sees us descending on my parents with my sister and her family for what we call tree presents. Originally these were smaller presents that were hidden in the Christmas tree for opening either in the evening on Christmas Day or on Boxing Day. In reality these days the gifts are too heavy or big to actually be hidden in the tree, but they are still little extra presents that make the giving of gifts last that little bit longer.
A walk should be part of the order of the day too. Will see if we can do a geocache and test out the geocaching app I just downloaded to my iPhone.

And then I think I need to post some pictures and maybe blog about my quilting!

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