Saturday, 12 March 2016

The Splendid Sampler - week 4

It was bound to happen. The chances of liking all 100 blocks was not high. I've reckoned on not liking 10% of them. 

And so we came to block 7, Snug as a Bug. I knew there was going to be some embroidery in the quilt and wasn't that averse to it. But.....

Well this is the original block
It's just way to cutesy for me. 

I had a think about what I could do that would vaguely stay true to the block and came up with this for my taupe quilt. 

While making it I remembered why I'm a quilter not an embroiderer. 

I tweaked the design a little for the Tula quilt and may redo the taupe block at a later date. 

Back to the normality of piecing for block 8, Friends Around the Square

I fussy cut the outer triangles so I could cut across the stripe in the Tula block 

Amazingly I am still up to date although I will fall behind in a few weeks when I am away from my machine 


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  1. Great blocks. I haven't really liked any of the blocks so far so the first two I've made have been consigned to the mug rug basket. I'm still plodding on with the 365 block though I've done none of March yet xx