Saturday, 5 March 2016

The Splendid Sampler - week 2

I'm a little late with my week 2 blocks as my mum has been keeping them all together at her place for inspiration. She has a design board in her bedroom and likes to see them when she wakes each morning....

She is very kindly releasing them back to me four at a time! 

So here are blocks 3 and 4 from week 2. 

Block 3 was called Lots of Love and was designed by Melissa Corry. This was a tricky block to piece; some of the squares were 1" square. Still, I think my blocks came out quite well 

Don't forget the blocks are 6" square when finished so there's a lot of pieces in this block!

Block 4 was a bit more appliqué. Happy Hsppy was designed by Jen Kingwell and boy were those little circles fiddly to make! 

I used a card template to make Suffolk Puffs and then pressed them before removing the card and appliquéing to the background. 

I alternate between loving the taupe or Tula version of each block more. I think it was the taupe version for block 4. I love the vase fabric. 

And here are the first four blocks of each colourway together 


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