Friday, 6 November 2015

Job Perks

When you're self employed and also work freelance, there aren't too many perks that get offered to you, apart from the perk of working when you want to of course. 

Although saying that, quite a few invitations and offers do arrive in my inbox at the magazine.  But I think, being the type of person that I am, I don't usually take them up. 

I have, however, taken up two invitations/offers this year and I'm glad that I did. The first was an invitation to attend a little get together for a designer called Kaffe Fassett as he celebrated 50 years of working in the textile industry; first as a knitwear and tapestry designer and latterly as a fabric designer. The event was being held at the Gardens of the Rose not far from me so this was my main reason for finally saying yes to an invitation. 

The gardens are wonderful. Sadly the event was being held just before the roses were out in all their glory, but there was plenty of colour and inspiration to behold still. 

And the colours of Kaffe's quilts...

And then there are the offers. An press release email popped into my inbox a couple of weeks ago. I read it briefly as I usually do and then moved on to the next one. I returned to the email a couple of days later and reread it. It was from a PR company asking if they could send me a new iron from Phillips. The iron was so great, they said, I'd love ironing!

I ummed and ahhed and finally decided to accept their offer. It was only then I looked at the spec of's RRP is more than £300! I'm currently using a basic iron I bought from Tesco for a fiver...!

The iron arrived this week. It's huge. I've had a little play and I have to say I think I might learn to like ironing after all....

Cat for scale 


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