Sunday, 18 October 2015

Accidental Blog Silence

Oh dear! Somehow it's been a few months since I've written a blog post again! I'm not sure how it keeps happening. I keep meaning to write about the allotment or my quilting but just don't seem to get around to it. Sometimes, when I think I'll write something, but then what I want to write seems too long and so the post gets put on the back burner again, supposedly because I don't have the time. 

So a New Years resolution of sorts (after all it's only mid October) but I'll try (again) to post more often....little and often; just a little update of what I've created both on the plot and in my sewing room possibly each week, although deciding to do this just before a busy couple of weeks might not be the best timing.....

The weather is definitely autumnal now so work on the allotment is mainly digging and clearing ground for the winter. Last weekend I went to an Apple Day at Tewin Orchard near Welwyn Garden City. Here's my purchases from the day

Conference pears for poaching, Monarch and Catshead cooking apples for some crumbles and Adam's Pearmain dessert apples. 

My sewing this week has been some square in a square blocks using some Nature Trail fabrics from Dashwood Studio. It's supposed to be a quick little quilt to help sell the fabrics. 

I'm foundation piecing the blocks but they are being really frustrating to piece as the fabrics keep moving as I'm stitching. I like to use freezer paper for my foundation piecing these days so I can iron the pieces once I've stitched them. Hey ho. I'll keep on with it

My baking week included this creamy apple tart made using apples from Tom's new apple tree. It was quite tasty and a bit like a patisserie 

Until next week....hopefully!


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