Saturday, 7 February 2015

My Musings on The Big Allotment Challenge

So the second series of The Big Allotment Challenge has just ended on bbc2 and I enjoyed watching very much. 

I enjoyed watching the first series too. 

It's a TV programme. It's a competition. Yet people are still moaning about the grow challenge being about growing perfect veg. Yet if you belong to any horticultural society or exhibit vegetables at a village show, that's the sort of thing you are expected to enter and the veg has to satisfy all the entry requirements to be in with a chance of winning. 

Yes all of us who grow vegetables are growing them for the taste and so we know exactly what has gone into producing that parsnip or whatever. We don't care what they look like. Nothing beats homegrown. 

But are you telling me you don't get excited or a certain amount of pride when you dig up a perfectly straight carrot or grow a massive cabbage?

I like that the TV company listened to comments after the first series. There was more factual information about growing each vegetable or flower and I think I preferred the one gardener per plot format. 
I'm gradually getting converted to growing more flowers and already know I want to make a Christmas wreath for my front door this year. 
The eat challenges were a bit more inventive in the latest series too, which is great as was using the veg or fruit that they had grown. 

I've heard on the grapevine (twitter) that a third series hasn't been commissioned which is a real shame when you think how much crap there is on television these days. Surely a programme that promotes growing your own and preserving and healthier living and exercising as a result, is something that should be welcomed with open arms? People say it's a poor imitation of the Great British Bake Off, but how many series did that take before it became the massive success it is today?

I really hope the beeb reconsider. 

And finally I'm delighted to see that my fave Rob won, and feeling smug that we followed each other on twitter before he became famous! Well done that man!

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