Thursday, 21 August 2014

Creative Mojo

I'm not sure if I've lost mine. 

I have lots of ideas. See inspiration everywhere I go. And yet I don't seem to be able to create anything with a wow factor at the moment. 

Most of my piecing recently has been done on the machine and usually involves pre-cuts or cutting squares and triangles. These tend to lead to more simple but effective designs. 
Most of my wow quilts have been hand pieced and quilted. So maybe that's it? I haven't quite got the confidence to make something more challenging by machine?

Or is it more that I don't know where I am as a quilter at the moment? I like modern quilts but I don't think I'm a full on modern quilter. I am still a traditional quilter at heart but with modern quilter leanings. Labels for the type of quilter that I am shouldn't matter, but somehow not knowing what type of quilt I want to make has left me in limbo. 

I think it's also because I have made a lot of simpler quilts recently to display fabric collections that I have got out of the habit of making more complicated quilts. Although of course even the simplest designs can be stunning. 

Or maybe I just don't have the time to be fully creative; to sit down and design and create; to let the creative juices start flowing?

I think I need to start a new project!


  1. A friend of mine went through this. She had a shop and got into the habit of seeing every quilt she made as a sample for a class or the shop. She felt that nothing was for her. It's hard when your hobby becomes your work. Maybe if you buy fabric that you don't stock it will feel different and you'll want to work on it xxx

    1. I think you might be right Gina. It took me ages to get into the zone of making quilts to show off fabrics I sell. Maybe I can't get out of that zone at the moment.