Sunday, 6 April 2014

Day Trip to London

Its been a busy day today! And just as well really.
First thing this morning I took TK up to his Dad's place. They are heading off on a big adventure to New York City. I've been a bit daunted by this. Its his first trip to the States, longest flight and of course its without me. It will be the furthest and longest we have been apart since its been just the two of us. I know he will have a fantastic time, but its hard knowing he's doing it with his Dad and not me. Just another consequence of being divorced I guess.
I've been trying to persuade him to visit The City Quilter in NYC as its only about a dozen blocks from where they are staying. Don't think I have succeeded though.
I headed back home and then jumped on the train into London where I was meeting my friend and editing partner in crime, Emma, at a meeting of the London Modern Quilt Guild. They meet in Belgravia in a room above a pub in a private mews. I joined the meeting part way through as they were doing a show and tell. There were some lovely pieces shown by the members. Being my usual efficient self, I forgot to take any photos. Really must remedy that! They then had a demonstration by one member of curved piecing as they have a challenge each month and this month it was to make something with curves. A bit of chit chat followed and then we had a light lunch from of the bar downstairs, which was really yummy.
I had a great time and I'm tempted to join their guild as its my nearest one. I've thought about going down for a meeting on several occasions but being on my own and have childcare issues, its a bit difficult. I often feel I'm not in the right place when I go to regular quilt groups with my fabrics. But the LMQG felt a bit more like home. So maybe............just maybe!


  1. Sounds like a great plan to have a busy trip to London doing something fun with new people, hope it helped distract you from missing your boy.
    He is going to have an AMAZING experience, and it is YOU that he will get to rave on about it to. You'll be the best listener, the most thrilled audience for him and it will be you he will want to hug when he realises how much he's missed you too. Homecoming morning - after a good sleep in his own bed - will be such fun to see all his bits and pieces he's bought and share his snaps! Hope you get time to savour it over a long cosy morning.

    1. Nessa, that's so lovely thank you!