Sunday, 20 April 2014

LBQB - May

So the LBQB block for May............that's me!
I've been whetting the other Bee members' appetites with teaser tweets and mentions on Flickr, Instagram and Twitter but its now time for the big reveal..........
I finally decided on my block after swaying between a shortlist for weeks and decided to continue the wonky theme that we have going on and no pressure on subsequent Bee members to take it on further (although it would be nice).
So my block is..............a Wonky Churn Dash!
This is another of my favourite blocks and one I have used in several quilts. Its also quite easy to wonkify. In fact it should be possible to do it with any simple traditional block.
I looked up some tutorials and found a couple I found one I really liked but couldn't get my head about some of the piecing so I was going to go back to a basic Churn Dash like this one, but then I had a eureka moment and combined the best of both tutorials to make my own version!
Here's my trial block to see if it worked and also to find any potential pitfalls.
I was really pleased with how it came out! Really excited in fact!
So how to make it.......the tutorial bit!
The great thing about this block is you can use all kinds of small scraps, even those leftover from making Jenny's Wonky Log Cabin block this month.
Cut nine, 4.5" squares from a background fabric.
Join assorted scraps together to make a pieced rectangle 2" - 3" high and about 5" wide. If you cut angled strips it makes it a bit more interesting.
Trim the top and bottom edges so they are straight. Again they can be angled.
Position and stitch the pieced strip right sides together on one white background square ensuring that when it is flipped back over it will still cover the bottom edge of the white square. This is basically the same technique as we used in Lou's Wonky Star block.
Press the pieced strip down. Although a little trickier, it will look neater to press the seam towards the pieced strip.
Trim the bottom and side edges so that the unit measures 4.5" square and trim the excess white on the wrong side.
Repeat to make four side units, varying the width and angle of the pieced strips.
Make the corner units in a similar manner but make two pieced strips measuring approx. 5" wide by 6" high.
Trim the top and bottom edges as before

Cut the pieced strips in half across one diagonal to make triangles.

Position and stitch one triangle on a background square, ensuring again that it will cover all of the background square when its flipped back over.
Press and trim as before to complete a corner unit
Make four corner units. Each pieced strip will make two triangles.
Join the block pieces together in rows and then join the rows together to complete the block. If you press the seams in alternate directions it makes matching the seams a bit easier as there might be a bit of bulk depending on how many scraps you have used in your strips.
And voila! A finished block!
I'll post my actual wishes etc on Flickr. Hope you enjoy making it as much as I did!


  1. That looks lovely! Reminds me of Opal Fruits (or should I say Starburst?) x al

    1. Haha yes...........although I'm thinking Refreshers now!

  2. Oh my goodness! All this wonky ness is really outside of my comfort zone!

    1. But its also quite liberating not having to worry about too many seams matching up :-)

    2. Don't worry, Natalie. I don't think I'm going wonky in June... unless something changes my mind between now and then! ;)

    3. Thank goodness for that! I can only manage so much 'liberation' x al

  3. Did you want just solids, Joanna? x

    1. Yes please Heidee. I'm also going to send you all a bit of white for the backgrounds so I have some uniformity, hope that's ok?

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    3. Tsk... auto-correct changed your name! Yes, that's fine, I'm looking forward to getting started on your block! I might start piecing the colours while we wait :D

    4. Haha I was about to tell you off! People getting my name wrong is one of my bugbears...........

      I really enjoyed making the block and can't wait to start getting them back from you all!

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